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Tucked away in an alley in historic Dawson City, BonTon is cutting, curing, smoking and preserving local wild and farm raised meats.


BonTon Butcherie & Charcuterie is a small workshop dedicated to custom whole beast seam butchering and traditional methods of curing and preserving locally sourced meats and wild game.  We are the only facility in the Dawson area producing in-house smoked, cured and dried meat products. Increasing the variety in your meat provisions is BonTon's driving force. 


1. Are you open? YES

However, BonTon is a workshop/cookshop, not a retail store. We do not have a fresh cut meat counter - there simply isn't enough local, farm-raised meat in the Yukon to be able to stock a counter on a regular basis. BonTon is dedicated to sustainable harvesting and not mass production. Typically, harvesting happens 2-3 times a year. depending on the species.  Behind the scenes we have been placing orders with Yukon Farmers, preparing products to sell. When we have items to sell we will get the word out. Get on our mailing list! 

2. Do you make sausages and can you make bacon? YES

We will be making and selling fresh and smoked sausages, vacuum packed. We will also have a small range of farm-raised bacon packaged. We can also turn your game (fresh or frozen) into sausage during hunting season, or any time throughout the year. Too much ground moose in your freezer? Bring it to us and we will turn it into wonderful sausage! When butchering your pig, we can produce bacon, hams and with patience, salamis.  

3. Are you taking orders for Yukon raised meat? YES and no

Let us get up and running; negotiating inspection availability for Yukon Farmed products isn't as prompt or easy as we would like. For now, when we have access to product, we will let you know. BonTon doesn't support mass production of meat, we do encourage sustainable farming practices and so we will be working with harvest programs of Yukon farms. When we have products available we will notify you . However, if you are planning an event and have something particular in mind: given enough lead time we may be able to source or prepare what you need. 



We will hang, age, and butcher your wild game. Custom cuts, sausage, jerky and curing is available to get the most variety out of your carcass. 

We will sell our house made Yukon farm-raised products and fresh cut meats through online notifications of when we have products available. We will sell through direct orders with back door pick-ups or door delivery (Dawson region only), farmers markets and other local establishments. 

We are passionate about traditional methods of preserving meat, using organic or locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and in-house recipes for salamis, sausages and hams. 


We do not use pre-mixed packages, packaged filler or binders in our sausages or salamis 

We are not a retail storefront. While the demand for Yukon meat is high, availability of a consistent supply to stock a meat case is not quite there yet.

We will not buy meat from farmers unless the animal and slaughtering process has been inspected to ensure the animal's welfare and humane slaughtering has been taken into account. We also do not sell wild game products. Federal and Territorial law prohibits selling uninspected meats in a commercial  capacity and wild game in any capacity.




(250) 467-9202



842 2nd Avenue (Alley)
Dawson City, YT Y0B1G0

 Shelby Jordan, the sole proprietor of BonTon, was trained through the Canadian Professional Meat Cutters Association with a focus on whole carcass seam butchery.   Certification through Thompson Rivers University - Retail Meat Processing Program    Olds College - Animal Welfare and Humane Slaughter  Italian Culinary Institute - Traditional Italian Charcuterie, curing, sausage and salumi

Shelby Jordan, the sole proprietor of BonTon, was trained through the Canadian Professional Meat Cutters Association with a focus on whole carcass seam butchery. 

Certification through Thompson Rivers University - Retail Meat Processing Program  

Olds College - Animal Welfare and Humane Slaughter

Italian Culinary Institute - Traditional Italian Charcuterie, curing, sausage and salumi


Inside BonTon

Our little shop is located adjacent to a well travelled alley in downtown Dawson City. The building that houses BonTon Butcherie & Charcuterie is a private workshop. We offer space for hanging and aging meats, preserving and enhancing meats through charcuterie, and a commissary kitchen. 


Hanging Cooler

BonTon has a 10,000 pound hanging cooler to age your carcass safely. Our hanging rail system begins outside on the loading dock making moving carcasses from your truck to cooler a simple task. BonTon can receive swinging sides of pigs, sheep, goats or quarters of beef, moose, elk and bison. 


aging TWO WAYS

We want you to enjoy a dry aged steak. Not only will we be able to hang your meat in our cooler, we fully intend to carve out some special cuts of our locally procured meats to see where the flavours take us after 28 days aging. 

Also at BonTon... we have an aging room for charcuterie . This special place is where we put our house made salamis to rest for many weeks... sometimes months. During those weeks BonTon will be patiently monitoring some of your favourites: pancetta, bresaol, coppa cacciatore, soppressata... to start. 



We will be using this kitchen to produce our own fresh meat products such as sausages or custom cuts, as well as cooked products. With our indoor smoker we can smoke and cook a variety of meats as well as producing our own in-house smoked sausages, fish, meat, salamis, jerky...... 


While there is no deep fryer, we do have the set up to support not just our needs but yours as well. We have an Environmental Health-approved kitchen that can support caterers, the hobbiest or the small producer that wants to sell food products to the public that requires production/preparation in an approved facility. Our kitchen rental comes with some necessary cookware, preparation dishes and some specialized equipment. We do not have serving dishes. Cooking can be done using the commercial range/oven as well as the smoker/oven that can accommodate the following (for persepctive): Pork Butts: 120 lbs., Brisket: 100 lbs., Ribs: 50 lbs. or 20 whole chickens per load.

Email us to discuss rental options -

Our Products

We support responsible production not mass production; our house made products are produced when Yukon meats are available. Our cured and aged products take patience (sometimes weeks or months). The selection of fresh, cured or aged meats will vary from week to week so not all products highlighted here will be available at any given time. 


Fresh cuts and Sausages

BonTon will purchase beef, elk, and pork from Yukon Farms. Most Yukon Farms do not have a steady supply year round; current availability of fresh meat will be 1-3 harvest times per year depending on the species and breeding programs. In order for local meat to be available throughout the year, expect supplies of fresh meats but also frozen.  

Cured, Cooked or smoked Specialities

Utilizing our locally sourced meats, BonTon will produce traditionally cured products such as bacon, hams, and deli-style meats. BonTon will also be offering smoked, cooked sausages, meat snacking sticks, jerkies and other smoked meats as we expand our products.  


Fermented Dry cured Salamis and Sausages

A first for the Yukon, we ferment dry cured whole muscle and cased salamis made of locally sourced meats. These specialities take time (consider that prosciutto generally takes 1-2 years to age). We plan on starting things off with items that take much less time than that, however stock will be limited to what is ready and when it is ready.

Salamis currently curing and aging are  Coppa, Speck, Guanciale, Logo and some Lonza. 


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