Our Products

We support responsible production not mass production; our house made products are produced when Yukon meats are available. Our cured and aged products take patience (sometimes weeks or months). The selection of fresh, cured or aged meats will vary from week to week so not all products highlighted here will be available at any given time. 


Fresh cuts and Sausages

BonTon will purchase beef, elk, and pork from Yukon Farms. Most Yukon Farms do not have a steady supply year round; current availability of fresh meat will be 1-3 harvest times per year depending on the species and breeding programs. In order for local meat to be available throughout the year, expect supplies of fresh meats but also frozen.  

Cured, Cooked or smoked Specialities

Utilizing our locally sourced meats, BonTon will produce traditionally cured products such as bacon, hams, and deli-style meats. BonTon will also be offering smoked, cooked sausages, meat snacking sticks, jerkies and other smoked meats as we expand our products.  


Fermented Dry cured Salamis and Sausages

A first for the Yukon, we ferment dry cured whole muscle and cased salamis made of locally sourced meats. These specialities take time (consider that prosciutto generally takes 1-2 years to age). We plan on starting things off with items that take much less time than that, however stock will be limited to what is ready and when it is ready.

Salamis currently curing and aging are  Coppa, Speck, Guanciale, Logo and some Lonza. 


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